Magic Water

winter snow and ice
water in some of its many forms

The Magic of Water

It’s quite correct to compare water to a box of magic tricks. Water is all around us and we don’t see it. So familiar are we with it’s presence that we fail to see all of it’s wonder.

Ice is cold

As water gets colder its temperature drops. And as the temperature drops so it condenses (its volume decreases). Eventually it drops to zero and ice forms.

But it does something quite odd. When the temperature drops past 4 degrees Celsius, it starts to expand again. It keeps expanding as the temperature drops, until it freezes. This remarkable property is why we see ice on top of lakes and not starting on the bottom.

Not only that, the ice acts as a blanket insulating the water beneath. So the bottom of lakes almost never freeze which protects the creatures that live down there through the winter months.

The Life Giver

Water covers over two thirds of this planet’s surface. No one quite knows how it got here and no one knows why there’s so much of it. But what we do know is that without it there would be no life on our planet.

Indeed our bodies are mostly comprised of water and our bodies look after that water and make sure it’s used efficiently for our well being.

Defying gravity

Well we all know gravity’s effect of pulling things down, raindrops fall and puddles seep into the ground below us.

But water does something else, something quite special, it rises as well. Water in the ground rises back to the surface – it’s called capillary action. But it doesn’t stop there, it keeps on rising into the air – that’s called precipitation. Now we might have words to describe what’s happening and we have the science to explain what’s going on. But to me it’s still quite a magical property.

Girl with a Rainbow
The magical rainbow – a true wonder

It’s invisible and full of color

In its normal state as a liquid, we can see through it. It’s probably why we have eyes. Eyes would not have evolved if their had been nothing to see if water was like a type of dye, heavily pigmented.

But then, after a rain shower and with the sun still in the sky it produces an arc so beautiful, that we give a name – the rainbow. The most wonderful natural wonder in the whole world.

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