The World’s Fresh Water

Iceburgs containg fresh water
A lot of fresh water is stored as ice

and where to find it

Icebergs. Less than 3% of the water here on Earth is freshwater, the rest contains salt water in varying degrees (saline, brackish). You may already have known this fact. But did you also know that of that most of 3% of fresh water is in fact ice? So all the animals, plants all the people in all of the cities of the world have access to less than 1% of all the water on earth – wow. So where is it?

The Great LakesThe biggest source of fresh in the world is Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia located in the vast expanse of Russia, on its eastern side. Not far behind are the great lakes that straddle America and Canada (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario). Together the great lakes hold about one fifth of all the fresh water and Lake Baikal another fifth.

But most of the world’s fresh water isn’t in lakes, it’s beneath our feet. Most of the fresh water is ground water

The highest fresh water in the world is to be found in lake Titicaca, in the Andes. The lake is in two countries of South America, Peru and Bolivia. Its surface is 12,500 feet above sea level.

The lowest fresh water in the world is to be found in the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Called a sea but it’s really a freshwater lake and it’s the lowest freshwater lake in the world.

Great Lakes from Space
The Great Lakes

The country with the most fresh water in the world is Brazil, followed by Russia, then the USA, then Canada.

The biggest consumers of water in the world are China, India then the USA. Followed by Brazil and Russia. But Brazil, the USA and even India export water as well. Countries such as the UK, Germany and Japan are big importers of fresh water.

Finally the cleanest water in the world is found in South America, Chile to be exact. Right at the southern most tip is a town called Puerto Williams, the waters here have been found to be the cleanest

This link shows a nice graphic showing fresh water distribution

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